What are the best power banks 2021

New series of smartphones are released every year. They have the latest technologies, high-quality and large screens with full-HD expansions, as well as powerful hardware fulfillment features to render new life pleasures and precise professional results. Those who like to design new business slides need a capacious battery for full-fledged work.  This powerful battery cannot always fit in a smartphone case. To focus on the result, without paying attention to the rapid  battery discharge, efficient chargers have been created. All phone chargers can be categorized into car, wired, and wireless chargers.

But in any case, you need to look at the electric current strength – it is determined by the type of smartphone battery and its capacity. Almost all modern smartphones operate on 5V voltage. The radius of action is not the most important point, but it affects the usability. Good chargers have a short circuit and overheating protection sensor. A critical feature of this  device, that can put it within the portable USB power bank segment is fast charging technology. The essence of this function is to issue high values ​​of current and voltage, which allows you to charge the battery several times quickly. The number of connectors also matters. Power bank with 2-3 connectors may be best optimal choice.


ASOMETECH  Х9 USB Hub Qualcomm QC 3.0 :

9 charging channels multifunctional charger. Power bank specifications: Max output: USB – 5V / 2.4A; PD 18W. The best option – wireless charger with 5-10W. Fast Charging – QC3.0 Output: 5V3A/9V2A/12V1.5A Max Output Power: 100 W. Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Nintendo Switch, etc. Color: Black. Material PC + ABC. LED multi-display shows the charging level for each device, operating status of each USB port, charging type, voltage, current and power.  The case is made of very high quality fire-resistant rubberized plastic. A 10-watt coil for wireless charging of any modern phones is located on the case surface. The device has all modern built-in anti-circuits protections. Size of the described above best power bank: 120x90x50 mm. The kit includes 4 types of power plugs. Quality Certification: RoHS. Price from: $ 26,9


8 ports smart charger. Specifications: Output Max: 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A. Total max current: 8 amperes. Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, ZTE, HTC, Lenovo, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, etc. Charging connectors: 6 USB – 2.4 amperes; 1 USB – Quick charge 3.0 5V 3A/9V 2A/ 12V 1.5A; 1 USB Type-C – 5V 2A

Universal charger:

for home, office, vacation, business trips.Compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, MP3 and MP4 players, game consoles. You can charge up to 8 devices simultaneously. The large intelligent LED display of the charging station indicates in real- time the charging voltage and current, charging statuses, and connectors in usage. This device uses a chip to intelligently adjust the output voltage and current in order to charge your device/battery safely. Power cord  of 1.5 meters is included in the kit. Dimensions of the best power bank for Iphone and other famous gadgets: 13.8 x 7.5 x 5 cm. Mains plug – selectable. Device color: black, white.

NESSING Fast Wireless Charger Table Lamp:

the power of the device reaches 10 watts. Gadgets should be placed up to 8mm from the docking station, so you don’t need to remove the case. A USB cable is used to connect to the network. Wireless charging quickly charges different versions of iPhones, even in a case.  An additional advantage of NESSING is that it can be used as a stand. The arc lamp will hold the smartphone while playing games or watching videos. Thanks to its ingenious design, NESSING fits into even the smallest room. The body of this power bank is made of metal and plastic. There are three colors to choose from to adjust the best option for iPhone or other smartphone. There are three levels of lamp brightness adjustment. The lamp is made in the form of an arc, under which there is a stand for wireless charging.  An adapter for an outlet is not provided in the kit. But due to it luxury design and technical parameters, The model described above is one of the best power bank for iPhone, Samsung and other famous smartphones.  Price starts from $17,77.

Skyway Race GT:

this device charges your smartphone both wirelessly and conventionally. In addition, Race GT is also a phone holder. The charger operates in the range from 5 to 9 V at the output with a current of 1.5 A, which will allow you to quickly charge modern devices. The QuickCharge 3.0 function is available, with which the smartphone will charge 2 times faster than usual. The model was made according to international Qi standards and belongs to “smart” and efficient devices. An excellent wireless model will help you quickly and conveniently charge your smartphone while holding it in front of the driver’s eyes. The cost is $27, 2.

Nillkin Car Wireless Charger:

compact wireless charger, the main feature of which is the magnetic surface. This is very convenient, because it does not need holders, paws or other devices that fix the phone to the panel.  To use this best power bank IPhone tailored device,  You just need to bring the device to the docking station, and it will be securely fixed on its surface. It is important not to forget to pre-attach a metal tape to the cover of the smartphone or put on a magnetic case. Even a beginner can handle the installation of the power bank: you need to fix the panel on the torpedo grill with a clip and connect it to the cigarette lighter using a cable. The LED signal of the one of the best for IPhone charger will indicate when the battery is fully recovered. The maximum working distance of the device is 6 mm, the output power is 5 V and 1 A. The price $7,44.

OtterBox OtterSpot:

stackable and portable Qi-enabled Wireless Charging Station includes a 36-watt wireless charging pad and a 5,000mAh lithium ion wireless charger battery underneath.

Fold them up to charge your battery and your iPhone at the same time. If you buy more power bank batteries for this device, that can be considered as best power bank Iphone tailored charger, you can make best replenishment – up to three devices at a time. If you need to charge a non-Qi device, such as the iPad Pro, you can plug it into the battery’s reversible USB-C port and charge it that way. The kit also includes a 1.2m USB-C charging cable and 36W wall adapter. The system also includes a 1.5 meter USB A-C charging cable. The main way  to use OtterBox Wireless Charging Battery  is to put it on the device in the  charging base. Each battery comes with its own charging cable, so you can also use it without a stand if you like. Price: $ 130


an original pancake platform that is capable of delivering a current of 5 V / 2.1 A.  Fast charge – 10W. Standard charg – 5 W. The body is made of metal, an anti-slip strip is glued along the edges of the platform.  Replenishment process of this best power bank charger is easy to control thanks to the LED indicators. When the replenishment level rendered by the charger, that can be considered as one of the best power banks,  reaches 100%, the green light will turn on. A blinking blue light will indicate if there is a malfunction in the process. In this case, you need to change the position of the gadget on the platform of the charger or check the network connection.  Through the adapter, the power bank supports the best option – fast charging mode.  Ugreen CD134 fully charges the battery of the Samsung S7 phone and other Qi-compatible devices in 200 minutes. The body of the model is made of glossy plastic. There is a version with an imitation leather coating. Fast charging mode requires QC3: 0 adapter, which is not included. Size: Diameter 100 mm, depth – 8 mm. Material – aluminum alloy + acrylic. Cable length – 1 m. Price $22,39.


docking station with turbocharging function. It is made of high-quality plastic  with a soft-touch surface. This best power bank charger is designed mainly for Android OS. But it will work with Apple devices too. The output voltage reaches 9 V, the current strength is 1.8 A. During the charging process, you can turn the phone vertically and horizontally. You can also adjust the tilt angle of the charging stand. The stand construction has a rubberized base. There are 2 design options for the charger.  The concepts of the charger differ in shape and illumination features. When the device is operating, the indicator is blue. As soon as the battery reaches 100%, the green light will turn on. The kit does not include a power adapter. Price $ 19.02.

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger:

wireless charger is designed according to Qi standards and is compatible with most smartphones of famous brands, including Apple. The device has a silicone coating, thanks to which it reliably holds the phone even at a large inclination – up to almost vertical. This is one of the main features of the device in the best power bank 2021 segment, as it significantly saves space on the table. Another useful function of the charger is temperature control, thanks to which the charge is used as efficiently and safely as possible. The platform is capable of charging only one gadget at a time, but at a good speed with a current of 2 A. One of the best representatives of wireless devices in terms of speed and quality. Price $95,2.

Millet USB 60W Fast Charger:

the power bank is relevant for business people traveling with a lot of mobile gadgets. This typical representative of multifunctional best 2021 chargers segment is equipped with 6 outlets for wires, one of which has the Power Delivery function, and two more support Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0. The device operates in voltage ranges from 100 to 240 V. and is compatible with any gadgets – outgoing voltage ranges from 5 to 20 V. The current in the charger = 2 A. This will slightly slow down the charging speed of devices that do not support QC. The one of the best power bank 2021 is capable to charge up to 6 gadgets simultaneously. Some of which are incredibly fast thanks to QC 2.0 and 3.0 and PD. The kit does not include an adapter from Chinese plugs. Cost – $ 25.68.

Defender WPL-02Q:

budget segment wireless charger with a 2-in-1 mode. You can charge your mobile device using a USB-micro USB cable or wirelessly. Fast-charging doubles the speed thanks to the power of the device of 10 V. The current is 1.1 A. But this does not affect the efficiency of the charger due to the Quick Charge. The length of the charger cable is 50 cm. The main advantage of this model is its low cost, with sufficient technical services and compatibility with most smartphones. Price $6,8.

Prestigio ReVolt A1:

a multifunctional station that charges three gadgets at once. Specifications: power – 15 W; output voltage – 9-12 W; maximum output current – 2 A. The Device that due to its elegant-business- luxurious design can be viewed as a best power bank brand is produced in a strict gray color. You can charge your smartphone, smart watch and power bank simultaneously. The charger case consists of ergonomic plastic. The charger can charge all devices that support the wireless charging function. The  Led of the power bank indicates the device charging status. The device’s rubberized coating does not allow sliding on the surface. The kit of the power bank includes base and detachable cable.  No power adapter included. The price of the charger that can be viewed as best brand in the business segment: $ 93.41


RavPower Wireless Fast Charging Pad QC 3.0:

provides QC 3.0 fast-charging standard. The standard charges a mobile device 2 times faster when compared with conventional induction-type devices. While charging the iPhone, the power bank renders 7.5 watts of power. For other devices, this figure rises to 10 watts. With this charger, the owner will be able to quickly charge the flagship phones of Apple and other mobile devices that support wireless charging. The material of the charger body excludes the possibility of its displacement on almost any surface. The tactilely pleasant matte charging panel protects the user’s phone from mechanical damage. To charge the phone, the user only needs to place it on the charging platform of the panel. The LED indication will prompt whether the owner has placed the device on the panel correctly. And will notify you about the status of the process. Price from $22,43.

Mophie Powerstation Hub:

charger offers both USB ports and a wireless dock. Battery capacity –  6000 mAh. One USB port renders 5W of power, the other 15W. USB-C delivers 18W. The USB-C port provides fast charging at 18W. The upper USB-A port also provides the QuickCharge standard at 15W. The bottom port provides 15W for 5V / 3A gadgets.  This port can serve mostly old tablets. The wireless charging coil is limited to 5W. This is enough to charge your smartphone slowly. When the device is connected to a wall outlet, the connected gadgets are charged. When they are sufficiently charged, the internal battery starts charging. Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 29.5 mm with a mass of 255 g. The device is charged through the same USB-C port. The device is not supplied with travel adapters. But if to ask “what are the best power banks for travelers?” The answer could be – «the device described above. It can hold the battery amperage without recharging much longer than many of its peers». This device is intended for use as a travel charger. The cost is 100 euros.

AWEI P56K Power Bank 30000mAh Li-Polimer White:

the lithium-polymer battery of the charger has a capacity of 30,000 mAh. The device has 3 USB output ports with a voltage of 5V and a current of 2.2A. This allows you to charge 3 devices sіmultaneously. The portable charger is suitable for charging smartphones, players, tablets. There is a screen on the panel where you can see the charge level as a percentage. The gadget is available in 2 colors – black and white. The battery has dimensions of 173x105x17 mm. The charger body is made of aluminum and plastic. Price: $ 20.1

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 mAh Black:

capacity of 20,000 mAh. Input voltage 5V / 3A, 5V/3A, 5V/2.4 A. Output connector 2 x USB. USB Type-C input connector, micro USB. These technical capabilities render the simultaneous replenishment for two devices several days with support for charging via USB. The device has universal compatibility. Anker’s Power IQ technology optimizes charging for any mobile device. The device supports continuous charging and includes the MultiProtect security system. The charger sensor provides continuous overvoltage protection, current regulation, temperature monitoring to keep you and your devices safe. There is an LED indication of charge. Kit includes the cable. Dimensions: 158 x 74.2 x 19.25 mm. Weight 342.5 g. This device can be used as an example to deliver the answer to the request about best power banks features and what are the components included in the kit.  Price: $ 44.3.