Popular portable chargers technical features review:

Whether you are in the office or on an airplane, an external battery provides the ability to keep your device’s battery at the right level for the smooth implementation of your business plan. With such a device, you communicate with relevant people as long as You want for the better project implementation. Which power bank to choose and what to look for if you strive for comfort? When selecting external batteries, such characteristics as battery capacity, availability of fast charging, case quality, number of connectors, and price are relevant. This review presents some of the most bought and positively reviewed with technical tests versions of power banks.

Rombica NEO PRO180: universal compatibility and 2 complete charges of a laptop

The capacity of the charger is 18000 mAh. The Power Bank is compatible with the most famous laptop models using USB charging. The maximum current consumption for the rechargeable device is 3.2 A, and the outgoing voltage varies within 12-19 V. The input voltage is 19 V (15 – 19 V). Output voltage 19V, 16V, 12V (DC-Out). The output voltage of the USB port is 5 V. The maximum current of the USB port is 2.1 A. With many different cables, this best power bank brand 2021 can charge not only Windows laptops but also Apple products. The power bank capacity is enough for 2 complete charges of best brand laptops of the 2021 or newer models   with average power.  Power bank recharging time via on wall adapter is about 5 hours. The battery housing is made of aluminum. On the front side of the case, there is a power button and an LED with four blue lamps indicating the battery charge: if four are on – 100%, three – 75%, two – 50%.

On the left side of the device, three LEDs notify about the operating mode of the output for charging laptops – 12V, 16V, and 19V. At the end of the charger case, there are two connectors for USB 5V/2.1A and 5V/1A and two connectors for charging the battery and the laptop. Dimensions: 22.31×11.84×7.13 cm Weight: 570 g. The kit includes 10 adapters for popular laptops, a Micro USB cable, 2 cables for charging Apple MacBook, and a power supply for charging in 19V/2A (39W) the battery of the best power bank brand 2021. Price – $ 262.5

Samsung EB-U12002 times charge for  iPhone11 and Galaxy S10

Powerbank offers a 10,000 mAh battery. The charger is equipped with a USB A port working with a fast-charging protocol at 5V = 3A, 9V = 1.67A, 12V = 1.5A. At the same time, the charger provides a pass-through charging function. The device simultaneously replenishes its battery and charges two devices – one for wireless charging up to 7.5W, the second via USB port up to 15W. The power bank can work with Qi-compatible models Samsung and iPhone, as well as Google Pixel 4. The battery capacity of the power bank is enough to charge iPhone11 and Galaxy S10 2 times. Charging a portable charger via USB-Type C port from 0 to 100% takes no more than 3.5 hours. You must press the power button to turn the wireless charging function on and of.

The case of one of the best brand power banks is made of aluminum in two colors –  rose gold or silver. The case has a plastic bezel with protective rubber edging. USB-A and USB Type-C are located at the end of the case. The wireless charging pad, like with many power banks is designed at the upper surface of the case. It is made of a best softer rubber-like brand material and is labeled “fast charge”. On the front side of the case, there is also a 4 lamp LED showing the battery status, an on/off indicator, and a power button.  In contrast with similar power banks, the device cannot replenish several devices simultaneously, does not have a digital indication of the charge level, but given its small size and weight, it easily fits in a best brand jacket pocket. Dimensions 71x150x15 mm. Weight 234 gr. Price $ 53.5.

Accesstyle Battleship 20MPQ : 4 – 5 full charging cycles of most smartphones or 2 – 3 for tablets

Battery capacity is 20,000 mAh. The power bank is designed to recharge a wide range of devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops. There are three types of connectors on the case of one of the best brand power banks panel: 2 USB with fast charging Power Delivery -18W, Micro USB for recharging the portable battery itself, and a universal Type C port, which can be used both for replenishing and distributing power to external devices. USB Power Delivery in 18W mode charges iPhone twice faster as from a wall outlet.

A full charge of the lithium-polymer battery, even taking into account the inevitable energy losses, is enough for 4 – 5 full charging cycles of most smartphones of the current model range, or 2 – 3 charging cycles for tablets with different diagonal. The power bank can simultaneously charge three devices: two via regular USB ports and one via USB Type-C. This could be, for example, two smartphones and a laptop. Or three smartphones. Or a smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

The charger’s battery replenishing time via the Micro-USB and USB Type-C ports from an 18-watt power supply is 4 hours. The charging time of this one of the best power bank brand in world via a regular 10 watt unit  is 8 hours. The gray aluminum housing protects the built-in battery from physical damage. A four-lamp LED indicator provides data on the current state of the battery. The kit includes a charging cable. Dimensions: 148 x 64 x 21 mm. Weight 380 grams. Price: $ 22.5

Baseus Mulight Quick Charge Power Bank 30000mAh: 5charges for smartphones

Multifunctional Power Bank renders the fast charging function and delivers simultaneous charging of up to 4 devices: laptops, tablets, Apple smartphones.  Charger’s connector – micro USB/Lightning/USB Type-C.  Power bank voltage/amperage is 5-12V/1.5-2A.  The device works with a lithium-polymer battery. The amount of energy produced by the battery is sufficient for five complete charges for best brand smartphones of high-performance. Only 2 ports of the 5 charging outputs of the power bank render Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and PD3. The external battery will automatically recognize the capacity of any connected device produced in world and will select the optimal current for it, at which replenishment delivered by the one of the best power bank brand in world will be safe and efficient.

 The device has 8 levels of protection for itself and a rechargeable gadget: – from overcharge, discharge, overvoltage, short circuit, and electromagnetic interference – (FCC, CE, ROHS, and GB/T-35590-2017 certificates). The body of the charger is made of high-quality plastic. The device is equipped with an LED display. The LED display provides information with an accuracy of 1 percent. Luminous numbers are clearly visible in the dark. To turn on the device, there is a special button on the side of the case. Dimensions: 145x65x38 mm. Weight: 500 g. The kit includes a USB – micro USB cable. Price $ 44.

ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro:USB-hub for data transfer and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

The capacity of the power bank is 20000 mAh. Power Bank provides two types of ports: a universal Type-C port and 2 USB-A ports with a maximum output of 18W and support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery. This best power bank brand for mobile phones is suitable also for charging laptops from ASUS, Xiaomi, and Apple. Type-C port, in addition to receiving energy, charges laptops with an output power of up to 65 W. The device can charge 3 devices at once. But fast charging function will work only via the USB Type-C port. For one gadget, fast charging will be rendered via any connector.

Another useful function of the charger is the USB hub. When the power bank is connected to a laptop via Type-C, you can use the two USB ports built into the battery not only for charging, but also for data transfer. However, in this situation, fast charging (QQC 3.0 or USB PD) will only be done at the input. Self-charging time of the power bank is about 3.8 hours. One of the best brand chargers for mobile phones is equipped with a comprehensive protection system against overvoltage at the input and output, short circuits, overcharging, and overheating. If the protection mode is triggered, the device turns off automatically.

Further resumption of work depends on the type of protection activated. The device can start itself, but in some cases, it will have to be turned on manually or connected to another power source. This one of the best power bank brand for mobile phones and long line of portable gadgets, has a metal body. At the end of the case, there are 2 USB-A ports and a USB Type-C connector. In the upper part of the rib of the charger body, there are 4 LED indicators of charge, 1 control button, and a special indicator of the charging process. If you briefly press the button, the charge level will be displayed. 2 short presses activate the forced operation of the device and prohibit switching off for 2 hours. The same action will help restart the controller and disable the protection function if it is triggered. Size: 82x160x21 mm. The kit includes two cables: USB to Type-C and USB to USB. Price: $ 54.2

Tronsmart Presto 10400: Quick Charge 3.0 and VoltiQ protocols

The Powerbank is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 10400 mAh. This amount of stored energy is enough for 2 complete charges of the flagship smartphone. The USB Type-C port supports Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charging technology and can operate in 3A/5V, 2A/9V, or 1.5A/12V modes, which significantly reduces the charging time for a client device. The second port – USB Type-A supports the VoltiQ protocol and can deliver up to 2.4A. The device can charge two gadgets simultaneously.

Power Bank freely charges tablets, a wide range of various portable Bluetooth devices, navigators, smartwatches, fitness bracelets, e-book readers, mp3/mp4 players, and all gadgets equipped with a micro-USB/USB Type-C power connector. This technical capabilities of the charger deliver the reply to the request «what are the best power bank brands should be able to do in the frame of obligatory service menu». Additionally, the VOLTІQ smart monitoring system will automatically determine the necessary capacity for every smartphone, tablet, or digital camera for a safe. One complete battery charge is equivalent to 2 times charging the Nexus 6P, 2.5 times the Samsung G5, 3 times with the LG G5, 2 times with the Samsung Note 7, and 4 times with the iPhone 7.

The complete charge time of the power bank is 6.5 hours. The device is equipped with 4 lamp LED of the charge level. The charger case material is plastic. On the side of the charger case, there is a power switch. At the top of the case, there are four LED indicators, displaying an approximate energy reserve. The device has a fuse system for protection against overloading and power supply during charging and discharging, short-circuits, and increased temperature. The power bank as one of the best brands has  Quаlcomm, CE, Rons, FCC certificates of conformity. The kit includes USB Type-C cables what are designed to charge the battery. Dimensions 158x55x18 mm. Weight 250g. Price: $ 20.4

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000: 7 charges for the iPhone X and Qualcomm Q. Ch. 2-4

The capacity of the power bank is 20,000 mAh. Via the USB-A port, the device provides Qualcomm Quick Charge 2-4, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, Huawei Fast Charge Protocol, Apple 2.4A.  USB C port enables a 45W Power Delivery pass-through charging function. The battery volume of the charger is enough for 6-7 complete charges of the iPhone X. MacBook Air 2018 gains a capacity from 1-2% to 100% within 2 hours. The remaining charge can render one replenishment for iPhone. This technical data delivers the reply to the request: «what are the best power bank brands should be able to do in the frame of obligatory service menu».

When two sources are connected to the power bank simultaneously, only one is served in fast charging mode. Power bank charging time with a regular charger 10 W – 11 hours, with a charger 45 W – 4.5 hours, 6.5 hours with a source of 18 W. Charging of smartphones and other equipment starts automatically.  There is no need to press the button additionally.

The body of the charger is made of matte plastic. At the bottom end of the case, there are two USB-A outputs and one USB-C output, which is also an input. Next to the USB-C port, a charge indicator consisting of 4 LEDs is designed. On the right edge of the charger case, there is a button with which you can view the remaining power amount. The battery charge level can be determined with an accuracy of 25%. Dimensions: 154 x 74 x 28mm. Weight 440 grams. The kit includes a USB-A to USB-C cable. Price: $ 33.85.