Most relevant charger’s technical descriptions to keep in mind when considering the power bank for iPhone to purchase 

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple stopped bundling its smartphones with a charger. Now is a good time to think about the right charger for your iPhone. Switching to a new charger is also a way to improve your charging speed, especially if you have an iPhone 8 or newer. Since chargers are inexpensive, that’s not much for a budget. We’ve compiled a list of the best chargers you can buy right now. In mid-January 2020, Apple released three new cases for its flagship iPhones: the iPhone XR, Xs, and Xs Max.

Smart Battery Case:  plus 25 hours of music videos

The key component of the newest Apple device – this is the case and the battery at the same time. The smartphone connects to the accessory using the Lightning connector built into the case. Volume and power buttons are duplicated on the case. There is a cutout for accessing the mute switch. The main difference of this best power bank for iPhone from similar cases with a battery for previous generations of iPhones is compatibility with best Qi chargers. Now this battery case can be charged wirelessly. Specifications: Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs adds 21 hours of internet exploring, 25 hours of video views, or an additional 33 hours of phone conversations. This kind of power bank price is $151,8.

Baseus Amblight Digital Display 33W PD3.0+QC3.0 30000mAh

Device provides the capacity of 30 thousand mAh, which is enough to charge one or even several devices. The power bank provides fast 33-watt charging in Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery protocols. The battery capacity is 30,000 mAh. The ports are represented by four USB A, micro-USB, USB C and Apple Lightning.The maximum power per port is 18 W, and the total power for all is 33 W. On the front of the case, there is a display that shows the charge level and power. Weight 550 grams. Size: 145x65x38 mm. Price of this best power bank for iPhone: $ 35.

Rombica NEO PRO 650: 65,000 mAh  and QI wireless charging

This is universal external battery with a capacity of 65,000 mAh. Voltage/ Current – 15V/2A. The two Type-C and USB ports provide up to 60W Power Delivery fast charging for smartphones, laptops, and other high-power devices. The device provides 10W QI wireless charging. The power bank is equipped with an eight-lamp LED battery charge indicator. The built-in flashlight of the device works for about 160 hours without recharging the Power Bank. Battery type of the charger – lithium polymer. The battery is protected by a multi-level anti-short circuits and overcharging protection system. Rubberized housing with valves for connectors is protected from dust and moisture. Weight: 1300 gr. Size 125x228x44 mm. The kit includes a network adapter and 28 adapters for various devices. Price $ 159.8.

Remax Leader RPP-141: iPhone 11 six times recharge

The device has a 30,000 mAh battery capacity. The charger has the following ports – micro-USB, USB C, USB A, and Apple Lightning. The best power bank for iPhone of this kind can charge two devices at the same time. The power bank amperage is enough for complete charging of the one of the best Apple’s models – iPhone 11 six times and charge the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 smartphone or the JBL Flip 5 portable speaker four times. The type of electrochemical system of the charger is Li-Pol.

The front panel of the device is realized with transverse lines, visually dividing it into five even parts. On top of the case of the charger, there is a display that shows the charge level as a percentage. There is a power button on the side panel. The accessory connectors are located at the end of the case, on the side of the display. Power bank works with a Li-Pol electro-chemical system. The maximum charging power with one device is 10 watts. Charging functions are standard. The built-in electronic controller prevents damage to the battery from voltage surges. Size: 142x73x26. mm. Weight: 500 g. The best power bank for iPhone of this kind price is $ 23.9.

Hoco B39-30000: IPhone charging 4-6 times and a Qualcomm Quick Charge

The charger’s capacity is 30,000 mAh. This amount of power is enough for IPhone charging 4-6 times. And for complete charging of Laptops/ultrabooks that support USB Power Delivery with 15V/1.2A mode – HP, Dell, Samsung, Macbook, Huawei Mate, Google, Xiaomi. The device can charge two devices simultaneously. And it does all the fast charging technologies: Qualcomm Quick Charge v2/v3, USB Power Delivery, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, MediaTek Pump Express, and Huawei Fast Charge Protocol.

The power bank is equipped with the following outputs: two USB A, micro-USB, and USB C. Indicators of the amount of charge are located on the upper edge of the charger case. The type of electrochemical system of the battery is Li-Pol. The body of the power bank is made of aluminum with a gold-silver coating. The maximum capacity of the power bank when charging one device is 18 W. The capacity on all ports of this one of the top power banks for iPhone is 15 W. Dimensions 169x83x22 mm. Weight: 479 gr. The kit includes a Micro-USB cable. Price: $ 27.42

InterStep PB240004U: liquid crystal provides the replenishment data

Device storage capacity is 24,000 mA/h. Charge current USB A (1st): 2.4. Charge current USB A (2nd): 2.1. Power bank provides fast charging and pass-through charging functions. This power bank can replenish 1 IPhone and 3 other smart devices simultaneously. The current in the ports of the one of the best power banks fluctuates in the range – 1 A min level, and 2.4 amperes – top level. This means that the device is suitable for replenishing all Iphones, and a wide variety of electronic devices.

The battery type of the charger is Li-Ion. The charging time is 11 hours 58 minutes. The body of the charger is made of aluminum. The lower and upper edges of the charger body are made of plastic. On the front side, in the top part of the case of the one of the relevant power banks to replenish Iphone, there is an LCD and an button for on/off.  Liquid crystal oprovides the data of the state of charge of this one of the top power banks for iPhone with an error of up to one percent.

The screen displays the following information: charge/discharge level in percent; – an indication of the operating mode (battery charging – input or consumer charging), – schematic representation of the charge/discharge level (the icon, divided into several segments, blinks during charging). The screen has a blue neon backlight. On the upper edge of the power bank case, there are four USB ports and a micro-USB port for charging the external battery itself.  An LED flashlight is located here also. The flashlight turns on and off by holding the power button for 2 seconds. Dimensions: 170.5x80x23mm. Weight: 525 gr. The kit includes a Micro USB with a length of 23 centimeters. Price: Price $ 40.68.

BASEUS Adaman Metal Digital Display 20000: 4.5 full charges of the iPhone X & Quick Charge 3.0

The charger has a battery with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. This guarantees 5 hours of additional power supply for your gadget. The power bank’s inputs are micro-USB, USB C and Apple Lightning. The charger, and the following technical functions could be used as a reply to a request: «which power bank is the best for IPhone?»  is able to quickly cope with charging the IPhone, and any smartphone at the same time. USB C charge current –  3 A/18 W. Charge current USB A (1st)  – 5 A/22.5 W. Charge current USB A (2nd)  – 5 A/22.5 W. Power (at 1 device) 22.5 W. Power on all ports 15 W. This amount of energy is enough for 4.5 full charges of the iPhone X smartphone or three charges of the Huawei Mate 20.  

The battery of the power bank, which by many estimations is considered as a best for iPhone, provides fast charging Quick Charge 2.0, Quick Charge 3.0, Power Delivery 3.0, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, and Huawei Fast Charge Protocol with 18 and 22.5 watts depending on the input. In 30 minutes it charges the IPX by 50%. The charger is equipped with a system of two built-in Li-Pol batteries.

The device has 9 levels of protection against power surges, overcharging, and overheating. And if to make an additional reply to a question: «which power bank is the best for IPhone?» The essence of the answer can be: It’s doesn’t matter the particular features, but functionality. So, in the upper right corner of the case, there is a display that allows you to find out the charge level in percent, as well as the current amperage and voltage. The battery can be charged via micro-USB, USB C, or Apple Lightning.  The battery recovers within 4-5 hours. Dimensions: 20 – 9 – 4.5 cm; Price $ 44.98.

Romoss Sense 8 30 000 mAh: 8 charging times for iPhone plus QC3.0

The charger is equipped with two standard USB-A outputs, one reversible USB-C port, micro-USB, and Lightning input. The device provides the pass-through charging function with a  fast charge mode for the devices connected. The device provides the following charging standards: PD3.0 up to 18W, QC3.0 up to 18W, Huawei FCP, MTK-PE 1.1\2.0. The user can charge the iPhone 8 more than 8 times or charge the Nintendo Switch 4.5 times. On the front side of the charger case, there is a four-lamp LED indicator of the best power bank for Iphone 2021 charge level. In standard 5V modes, the diodes are orange, and in fast mode, they are turquoise.

All interfaces of the charger are located on the upper end of the case. The power button is designed on the right side of the charger case. When you press it, the charge level indicator turns on. The power bank starts working when external devices are connected to any of its outputs. The device’s battery is charged through the Micro-USB, Lightning, or USB Type-C ports. The latter allows the device to reach its maximum capacity from scratch in 14 hours. The device has a white polycarbonate case. Dimensions – 171 × 82 × 33 mm. Weight: 640 grams. Price: $ 39.2.

HIPER RPX30000: more than 7 times charging for the IPhone with a Quick Charge 3.0

Device capacity – 30,000 mAh. The charger inputs are two USB universal connectors. Voltage/current – 2-12V/2A. Power Bank provides today’s fast charging technologies that can be used for exploitation of the IPhone 2021 version and newer: 18 watts via Power Delivery (USB C connector), – accelerated charging with an increased current of up to 3 amperes at 5 volts, – and Quick Charge 2.0,3.0 with voltages from 5 to 12 volts up to 18 watts.

The charger supports “pass-through charging” and can quickly charge multiple best modern smartphones. But only one smartphone will be charged in accelerated mode. Power Bank is capable of charging a smartphone with 3000mA batteries more than 7 times. The battery type of the charger is lithium polymer. The battery level of this best power bank for Iphone 2021  can be assessed using a four-lamp LED indicator located on the left side of the case. To check the battery status, you need to press the power button once.

This button is designed in the upper right part of the device. One mark on a four-lamp scale is equivalent to a 25 percent charge. When devices are connected to the Power Bank, the charging process starts automatically without pressing any keys. The power bank charging time is 24 hours. To shorten the charging time, a fast charger with the appropriate cable should be applied. In this case, the battery will be fully charged within 12 hours. The body of the charger is made of impact-resistant plastic with smooth corners. Dimensions: 149*74*39 mm. Weight – 605 g. Equipment: USB  – micro USB cable. Price: $ 25.82.