The constant development of IT technologies expands the functionality of portable computers. This is why today’s laptops need reliable, self-contained power supplies. Using the Power Bank gives you the resource to work without connection to the mains for an additional 5-10 hours. Most innovative laptops require 15 to 20 volts. Powerbanks designed to charge laptops typically have a capacity of more than 10,000 mAh with an output current of 3 to 5 amperes. But many power banks have their special technical features and additional capabilities In this review, we render technical information about the best power banks’ capabilities in terms of quality and reliability, which have received many positive customer reviews.

TopON TOP-X72, 72000 mAh:

provides 2 USB ports, an output for charging laptops and a 180W car power outlet. Power output for laptops 90W.  Output connector types: USBx2, universal connector Output voltage: OUT1: DC 12V, 16V, 19V, 21V ~ 3.5A.OUT2: 5V ~ 2.1A. OUT3 of this best power bank for laptop: 5V ~ 2.4A. OUT car socket: 12V ~ 15A. Input voltage: IN: DC 15V ~ 2A. The abovementioned technical characteristics of the best power bank allow you to replenish laptop, tablet, smart phone, e-book, and are suitable for photo/video equipment.

The ability to connect AC inverters renders compatibility with most IT appliances and chargers. The five-level protection system of the charger will protect the power bank and the device on service against overheating, short circuits, voltage surges, and electromagnetic interference. On the front edge of the charger’s body, there is a flashlight that can work for several days without interruption and has a strobe mode. The body material of the charger is plastic. Linear dimensions: 228x125x44. Weight 1.265 kg. The kit includes a charger, 28 interchangeable connectors, a storage case. Price $ 172.53.

HIPER ForcePower 100W:

charger amperage 20000 mAh. This capacity is enough for both urban everyday use or a short trip. Input connector of the best power bank for laptop: micro USB or USB Type-C. Output connector types: USBx2, USB Type-C. Maximum input current: 2 A. Maximum output current: 3 A. The power bank can charge a smartphone 6-7 times, and a tablet 4 times. The device can charge three devices at the same time. Dual USB-A outputs support up to 15W of power. This power level is sufficient to charge your Macbook. The battery has a fast-charging function: USB-A outputs with Quick Charge 3.0 (up to 18W) and USB-C with Power Delivery (up to 100W). The device also has a pass-through charging function.

The charger is powered by Li-Polymer batteries. The charger case is made of aluminum, with plastic plugs at the ends. One of them contains connectors and a button to turn the charger on and off. The power button activates the LED indicator located on the adjacent rounded side edge.

Within a few seconds after pressing the power button of the described laptop power bank best buy, 4 blue LEDs begin to indicate the state of charge of the battery. When QC or PD mode is  activated, the LED shines a white lamp. The set includes two cables – one USB to Micro-USB 37 cm long and the other with two Type-C connectors of the same length to connect to the laptop. Dimensions 181*86*24 mm. Weight 595 gr. Price to buy a best power bank: $ 90.

DELL Power Companion 18000 mAh:

power bank charges at current via DC – 4.62 A/19.5V. Charge current USB A (1st) 2.1 A / 5V. Charge current USB A (2nd) – 2.1 A/5V. Two standard USB Type-A ports allow simultaneous charging of two devices. The power bank provides the ability to fast charge from a proprietary Dell laptop power supply in 4.62A/19.5V mode. It is also possible to replenish a battery of the best buy charger while upgrading other gadgets from it. The battery type of the charger is Li-Ion. The average time for a complete charge of this laptop power bank best buy  ~ 2-3 hours. A 5-cell LED indicator provides the data about the amount of energy remaining in the built-in lithium-polymer battery. Built-in protective systems of the charger prevent overheating, overcharging, and deep discharge, as well as the negative consequences of accidental short circuits. The body material of the charger is plastic. Dimensions 78x162x21.5 mm. Weight 417 g. Kit includes 4 pin USB Type A. Price: $ 160.

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Super Flash:

power bank capacity 20,000 mAh (74 Wh). The charger provides two USB-A ports and one USB-C that supports two-way charging. Laptops can be charged via the Type-C connector. Battery type: Li-polymer. The charger can charge 3 devices simultaneously and supports the Quick Charge 3.0, Super Flash Charge, 50W. The external battery is capable of charging Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3” Enhanced i5 256G and up to Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 2019 i5 8G MX 250 and newer models, Macbook Pro 15 ” 2018, and newer models. This data renders a confirmative reply to the request: »can you charge your laptop with power bank like this». «Yes!», as well as today’s models of laptops from manufacturers – Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, Acer, ThinkPad.

And if to ask: «for what time can you charge your laptop?» The optimal answer will be: «if the power bank can be charged from 0 to 100% in 4.5 hours with a 45W source or in 6.5 hours with an 18 W source or in 11 hours with a 5V/2A source, so the laptop can be charged in 40-50 minutes. To avoid unplanned situations, the power bank has a chip fuse with nine levels of protection: overheating, overcurrent, reset mechanism, overvoltage at the input of the device. A four-lamp LED indicator will provide information about the power bank’s charge level. The body of the charger is made of anodized aluminum alloy. The material is resistant to all kinds of potential mechanical damage. Dimensions 153.5 x 73.5 x 27.5 mm. Weight: 400 gr. The charger comes with a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable. Price: $48,72

PowerPlant DV00PB0003 K2 50000мАч:

the most powerful power bank for laptop described in this review   has the following interfaces – 4 x USB port, mini USB, micro USB. Output current – 3 A, 2.5 A, 2.1 A, 1 A (5 V-2 x USB 1 A, 5 V-2 x USB 2.1 A, 12 V – 2.5 A, 20 V – 3 A). The charger has USB ports for Apple and Samsung devices. The portable charger is compatible with Sony 6.5*4.4, Toshiba 6.3*3.0, Acer 4.0*1.7, Samsung 5.5*3.0, Acer 5.5*1.5, HP 4.8*1.7, Dell 7.4*5.0, Lenovo 7.9*5.5, Acer 5.5*2.1, Lenovo Square head. The power bank works on Li-Pol electrochemical system. The complete charge time of the power bank is 8 hours. The most powerful charger for laptop has a multi-level protection system for all connected devices – voltage stabilizer and output voltage stabilizer for all ports. The device also has an energy-saving function in standby mode. The LED indicator installed in the upper side of the case of the charger allows you to control the level of the device’s charge and the output voltage. The main material used for the case of the most powerful power bank for a laptop is steel. Dimensions 209 x 136 x 33 mm. Weight 1200 g. The set includes a mobile battery, a case, a power supply unit with a cable 88 cm long and a micro-USB cable, 10 adapters for laptops. Price $ 251.89.

ZMI QB820:

charger’s capacity is 20,000 mAh. All three of this connectors provide Quick Charge technology.  Power bank provides charging for three consumers simultaneously and can be used as a USB hub. Input connector types: USB Type-C. Output connector types: USBx2, USB Type-C. Maximum input current: 3 A. Maximum output current: 3 A. Two USB A ports provide Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 up to 18 W. and Apple emulation. The power bank has a bidirectional USB Type-C port with support for USB Power Delivery up to 40W. The device has a built-in USB 2.0 hub and support for charging low-current devices.

These are not only smartphones and tablets, but also laptops with USB Power Delivery support – Macbook (Pro), HP Specter, ASUS Zenbook, Dell XPS, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. The USB Type C port provides 40W maximum power. This best laptop power bank 2021 suitable for charging almost all of today’s notebooks. Powerbank can work as a USB hub. You cannot connect an ordinary USB flash drive to a modern MacBook, but via this power bank  it is possible to use this option with the best laptop versions of the 2021 and next years. The body of the charger is made of brushed aluminum. The rims of the charger body are made of plastic. In this part, two USB A ports and one USB Type-C port are inserted. In the upper part of the left edge, there is a charge level indicator with  4 LEDs.

A function button and a blue LED, which is an indicator of the charging mode of low-current devices and the hub, are constructed next to it. The function button, when briefly pressed, performs the following functions: – displaying the charge level by indicators, –  activating the device, supplying voltage  if the device is in standby mode, – restarting the external battery controller if the device is working, – resetting some protection modes if the device went into protection against overcurrent. After a double short press on the power button, the external battery does not turn on standby mode for exactly 2 hours. In the same mode, the USB 2.0 hub works. Full charge time of this best laptop power bank 2021  is 5 hours 20 minutes. When using a power supply with USB PD support, charging time is 3 hours 20 minutes. Dimensions: 160 x 81.5 x 22 mm, Weight: 404 g. Package includes: external battery, USB Type-C cable <> USB Type- C (about 55 cm), USB A <> micro-USB cable + USB Type-C adapter (about 40 cm).Price:$56,22.