Technicians and representatives of other professions have one common feature – the thirst to see new distant locations and absorb their vibes. To reach this goal, smartphones, tablets, GPS navigators, and cameras are used. And all these devices need a constant power supply, especially with their intensive use. An efficient external battery can solve this problem. This review brings to your attention a range of external batteries that fit comfortably in a backpack, are capable of charging multiple devices, and are lightweight.


the device has a foldable solar panel consisting of four modules of 7 W each (total: 28 W). The solar panel consists of 4 monocrystalline cells. The device can charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The charger’s output connectors for rechargeable devices are: one USB type-A port and one DC line port. Proprietary solar panel outputs of this one of the best power bank for backpacking: USB type A (5V, 1.4A max) and DC (10-15V, 1.4A max). There is a charger input line connector to connect multiple solar panels in a cluster. The battery’s charging time is  3.5 – 4.5 hours. The device has a charge level indicator – red light means that the battery is charging, green – the battery is more than 90% charged.

The bank has a voltage switch (8.4V / 12V / 16V / 19V) for different types of gadgets. The panel of the power bank, when folded, and this could be the best option for backpacking,  has a size slightly larger than the A4 sheet. The outer sections of solar cells body have metal rings to be attached to a backpack. Complete set: solar panel with USB connector and cable, case, cable with adapters for different types of laptops and adapters, bag for storing cable and adapters. Dimensions when folded: 29 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm. Dimensions when unfolded: 29 cm x 120 cm. Weight of the this one of the best power bank for backpacking:1960 gr. Price $190.

Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Power Bank:

the solar portable battery has two USB ports for charging two gadgets at the same time. Charging your smartphone takes about two hours. The charging time for a portable battery from an AC power source is approximately six to seven hours. The device has a 4-lamp LED indicator of the charge status. Smart LED indicators alert you when the battery is charging or needs to be recharged. There is a flashlight in the case of the power bank. Covering material shock-resistant and water-resistant ABS + PC . Dimensions: 142x76x14 mm. Weight 150 gr. The kit includes a USB cable and a carabiner to attach the power bank to the backpack. Price: $ 21.69. 

Solar 2378-6519:

the charger includes a 12000mAh lithium battery and a solar charging battery. The device can charge almost all models of phones, smartphones and MP3 players, e-books, tablets, and game consoles. This one of the optimal power banks for backpacking provides two USB 2.0 sockets for charging two gadgets at once. The micro USB port will recharge the battery from the mains. The device has a four-cell indicator to show the battery charge status and a bright LED torch with multiple LEDs. There are several programs for light signals and lighting.

The carabiner, which is a useful feature during backpacking, allows you to attach the power banks to tents, or backpacks.

The price is 13.19. 

SOARAISE Solar Power Bank: battery with 25,000 mAh. The device is capable of charging iPhone 7 up to 10 times. The battery pack has two USB 2.1A inputs to render fast charging for two devices simultaneously. It works with all Apple and Android smartphones as well as many other devices. Three fold-out solar panels charge the solar power bank in less than 26 hours. The built-in LED indicator, which is a good option for backpacking, works as a flashlight or strobe. The equipment, and this is very useful option for power banks of this type, can withstand rain, shock, and dust. This one of the relevantpower banks for backpacking has a smart chip to prevent overcharging or overheating of devices when connected to the network. The attached hook will be useful to place the device on a  backpack or tent.   

IEsafy Solar Charger 26800mAh:

the device comes with a built-in battery and also has solar panels. The battery capacity is 26,800mAh, which means it can charge multiple phones when fully charged. The device has three ports, including 2 standard USB ports for charging devices, and a micro USB port for charging the battery using conventional charging methods. The device charges iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google LG, iPad, and AirPods, Kindle Fire, Heated Vest.  The battery capacity will charge iPhone 6-10 times, Samsung 6-7 times. IPad – 3-4 times. The Device has an LED indicator installed on the waterproof and shockproof housing of the device. The device obtained  CE/FCC/RoHS certificate. There is an overheat, overvoltage, and deep discharge protection chip that prevents any damage of this best power bank for hiking. The set includes : power bank, 1 Micro USB cable, and a carabiner with a compass. Size:  19,8x  9,65 x 4,3 см; 0,81 kg.

Solar Charger Kiizon 25000mAh:

the device has a 2.1A dual USB port and can charge two smartphones at the same time at the fastest charging speed for each of them. The charge can replenish a smartphone 7-8 times. The device can work with iPhone, Ipad, and other smartphones. After charging, the device turns off automatically. The charger has a 4-lamp LED indicator that works in two modes. In normal mode, it shows the charge level 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. When you press the power button of the charger again, the LED indicator turns on the strobe mode. When charging through solar panels, the indicator turns green. The body of the power bank, which is one of the best features for hiking, consists of shockproof and waterproof ABS + PC material with silicone components. The device has an overvoltage protection system and a Rohs certificate. The charging time of a best power bank for hiking from an outlet is 12-14 hours. The set includes: solar power bank, USB cable, metal tourist carabiner made of metal. Price $ 34.42.


the battery power of the device is 20000 mAh. USB output power 1 – 5V / 1A. USB 2 output  – 5V / 2.1 A. The device can charge iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google Pixel, and all today’s USB gadgets.  Two USB  device ports can charge two smartphones simultaneously. The solar charger body is ABS + PC + Silicone material. Durable construction protects it from rain, dirt, and accidental drops. The LED indicator installed on the case of the charger glows green when charging from a solar battery and blue when charging via USB. Five indicators of the charger indicate the state of charge of the connected gadget. The smart chip protects it from over-current, over-voltage, over-discharge and short circuits. The device has a compass and a bright two-lamp LED flashlight. The flashlight of this best power bank for thru hiking can work on the strobe mode or in the stable mode. The kit includes a carabiner for carrying the charger on a backpack.

RavPower Power Bank 20100mAh Waterproof Green (RP-PB097):

the built-in long-life lithium-polymer battery provides the ability to store up to 75 Wh of energy (20100 mAh at 3.7 V), which is enough to repeatedly (3-4 times) charge typical flagship smartphones during thru hiking. High-capacity waterproof universal mobile battery, and this is one of the best its functions, renders a replenishment for two devices in parallel. The device supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0/2.0 and Power Delivery technologies. The power bank offers: microUSB (input only, Quick Charge, up to 2A/9V), USB Type-C (input and output, Power Delivery, up to 20V/2.25A), and USB Type-A (output, Quick Charge, up to 12V/1.5A). The powerbank battery allows you to charge Bluetooth headsets, headphones, speakers, smart watches, tablets, players, compact photo and action cameras, book readers, navigators and even some models of laptops/ultrabooks with Power Delivery support (Samsung, Macbook, Huawei Mate, Google, Xiaomi).This best power bank for thru hiking has a shock-resistant plastic case that reliably protects against water ingress according to IP67 standard (immersion to a depth of 1 m).  Price:$52,43.

Power Bank 20 000 mAh на солнечных батареях NS:

the portable charger provides two USB connectors for charging equipment and a miniUSB connector for charging the Power Bank. Device 1 input voltage: 5V – 1A, output voltage: 5V – 1A. Output voltage 2: 5V – 1A. The device provides the ability to simultaneously charge two devices. Supported device types: mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 players. The connectors are securely covered with rubber caps and are not afraid of moisture ingress. In the backup battery mode, you can accumulate a charge from the mains, and then recharge the player or mobile phone. The device has a protection system that prevents short circuits, excessive charge level, and spontaneous discharge, overheating. On the body of the charger, there are four LED indicators of the battery charge level and a flashlight, which can work in stroboscope mode. The case of this best power bank for ultralight backpacking consist of impact-resistant soft plastic.  A USB-micro USB charging cable is supplied with the charger. There is an oval hole in the charger case for attaching the device with a carabiner to a backpack. Price: $ 17.84.

SunLabz® Solar Charger Backpack (7w) INCLUDING 10,000 mAh Power Bank and 1.8L Hydration:

ultralight solar battery-backpack can charge smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, camcorders, and GPRS-navigators. The solar panel with a power of 6W hides a pocket under it, which houses the connected gadgets. All devices of this one of the best for travelers power bank, are connected via a micro-USB cable that outputs 5V. The backpack has a built-in 10mA power bank that provides 5V. This power is enough to charge all portable gadgets and for two complete charging cycles of the smartphone during backpacking. Price $ 44.95.


the backpack has a built-in 3000 mAh battery – will provide 2 full charge cycles. The battery has an LED display. There is a small solar panel on the outside of the backpack. The charger of this best power bank for ultralight backpacking has universal compatibility. In a backpack, you can carry things and at the same time charge devices with a USB-input while traveling. The device has protection against overheating of the charging device and a power bank.  The weight of the charger-backpack is 1 kg 90 g, Dimensions: 47 x 33 x 22 cm. The internal useful volume of the backpack is 26 liters. It has several compartments, among which there are compartments for a laptop and a smartphone. Charger – the backpack is made of waterproof fabric and can easily withstand rain, but it is highly discouraged to immerse the backpack in water. The solar panel has a waterproof layer that also protects against scratches. Package includes : backpack with battery, USB cable. Price $ 187.